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This extension firstly intent to activate the audio in the Chrome browser, also could be use in Firefox, for WebSDR server pages. But you can also make use of Mute, Squelch, Autonotch, as well as buttons to control frequency and volume and modulantion mode selectors althought not limited, in the future another features could be added.

Some features like Sticky might not work in modified standard pages. The mouse wheel function does not work on touch screens at least you install a plugin program on Windows like TouchMe Gesture Studio. On laptops you could need to activate the touch pad virtual scrolling. Something similar to the indicated in the following manual.

This browser extension will be available to those servers with port 8901, 8902 and 8903 in their url paths.

Video manual

video manual en youtbe

Browser Compatibility

The extension has been intended for the following browsers:

Extensions - Privacy Policy

SDR Web Radio

Our privacy policy for our SDR Web Radio extension:

  • SDR Web Radio doesn't collect or store any personal information.
  • No data are transmitted to anywhere, ever.

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